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Strategic Thinking, Creative Direction & Graphic Design.

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Montebelo Textile

Consultancy, Agency and Solution Provider.

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About us
We come from different backgrounds but share the same ideas about what makes something good. As a team, we are young and independent, speaking a total of eight languages and trying to master even more cooking styles.

Johannes Fürst
General Manager

Martin Wunderer
Creative Director

Stephanie Mora
Technical Designer

Manuela Ferreira
Production Manager

Nikolas Mauruschat
Production Manager

Simão Sousa
Junior Production Manager

Bárbara Correia
Junior Fashion Designer

Anna Schnelzer


Marzia Lanfranchi
Sustainable Fashion Consultant

Ana Costa
Marketing & Communication

Francisco Pires
Art Director

Miriam König
Art Director
Founded in Regensburg in 2013, we now live and work between Porto, A Coruña and Stuttgart.

Get in touch with us for creative or textile projects, a coffee at our office or to just say hello.

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A Coruña
Rúa Santiago de la Iglesia, 6, bajo, 15004 A Coruña
Largo Alexandre Sá Pinto 16, 1º Esq., 4050–027 Porto
Friedrich-Scholer-Straße 11, 70469 Stuttgart