We work closely with brands, organizations and manufacturers to create responsible fashion products.

Textile manufacturing has a big social and environmental impact. Responsible design and production need to be incorporated as an all-embracing way of making a product. Sustainability is not a plus – it’s a must.
Our Services


    Revision of current business practices:
    We consider your company's USP and value proposition to identify areas for improvement and define your impact vision.

    Sustainability strategy:
    We work with you on defining your own strategy based on your impact vision, business priorities and resources.

    Product concept development:
    We guide you through the process of integrating responsible practices and materials from the get-go, starting with the initial designs. We work hand in hand with you to select fabrics that offer the most sustainable solutions.

    Finding potential partners:
    We map out potential manufacturing partners and suppliers or train your existing ones in new practices.

    Communication and marketing strategy:
    We help you get your message out and connect with the right audience.


    We liaise with suppliers and solution providers. We develop strategies and criteria for selecting materials and making decisions based on clearly defined goals (sustainability, circularity, avoiding plastic, water consumption, etc.)


    We guide you through the entire development of textile products, from fiber, yarn and fabric to dyeing, cutting and sewing, all the way to printing, packaging and bringing your product to market.


    We bring your sustainability story to the screen (photo, video, illustration & infographics) and help communicate your brand’s ethos to your audience, including industry peers, press and consumers.


    Sustainable raw material:
    Explore the latest innovations and discover more sustainable textiles and groundbreaking ideas for the future of fashion. Learn about the efforts of textile mills around the world to design, manufacture and operate more responsibly.

    Cotton and Sustainability:
    Join us on a journey from farm to final product and discover the implications of the world’s most common natural fiber – cotton. Followed by an interactive discussion.


    We research processes and solutions in the value chain of fashion products and work on innovative practices and solutions. We help to make processes more transparent for both manufacturers and consumers.

Our Team & Partners

The Montebelo textile team has extensive experience in the areas of textile sourcing, production, design, product management, marketing and distribution. In addition to our permanent team, we collaborate with a strong network of like-minded professionals.

Our team, partners and collaborators are our greatest asset on the journey toward a better fashion industry. We know that we need to collaborate to create new solutions that have a lasting impact on the textile industry.

Who we work for 
  • fashion, streetwear and sportswear brands of all sizes
  • merchandising
  • non-profit organizations
  • textile manufacturers

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