Ever since Montebelo’s foundation, in 2013, we set focus on researching and developing sustainable materials, products and processes. We are strongly connected with forward-thinking organizations, brands and the new generation of textile producers. The objective of our work is to improve the social and environmental impact of the textile industry – from fibre to final products.

Our work includes

  • creation and support of transparent supply chains
  • sourcing and development of sustainable fibres, yarns, trims and fabrics
  • research and development of functional materials with natural fibres and MMCFs
  • development of mono-material products with a focus on biodegradability
  • embedding circularity of materials and finished products


We offer consulting, sourcing, material strategy, fashion design, technical design, product development, production and quality management. 

  • Consulting & Guidance

    Sustainable Material strategy: We define material strategies based on your impact vision, business priorities and resources.

    Product concept development: We guide you through the process of integrating responsible practices and materials from the get-go

    Finding potential partners: We map out potential manufacturing partners and suppliers or train your existing ones in new practices.

    Communication: We support you with the right tools, when communicating your sustainability and material work

  • Research & Development

    We do continuous research on processes and solutions and work on the latest sustainable and innovative options available on the market and in development. We make processes more transparent for manufacturers, brands and consumers.

  • Sourcing

    Materials are our focus. We created a specialized material library in our showroom in Portugal and are doing constant research on sustainable textiles. We liaise with suppliers and solution providers. We develop criteria for selecting materials and we work towards specific sustainability strategies such as circularity, reduced water consumption, compostability, plastic free, etc.

  • Production & Quality Management

    Montebelo Textile has its roots in the management of production processes and our dedicated team has vast hands- on experience in manufacturing. We guide and manage development and production projects from fiber, yarn and fabric to dyeing, cutting and sewing, all the way to embellishment, labelling and packaging. We work mainly in Portugal, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, China and Taiwan.

  • Embellishment & Merchandise

    We run a GOTS certified print house in Stuttgart, Germany. We offer prints, embroideries and labelling of ready made garments in short time frames and with flexible conditions.


The Montebelo textile team has extensive experience in the areas of textile sourcing, production, design, product management, marketing and distribution. In addition to our permanent team, we collaborate with a strong network of like-minded professionals.

Who we work for 
  • textile mills, fibre producers and manufacturers
  • fashion, streetwear and sportswear brands of all size
  • non-profit organizations

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  • Hermin Textile

    As part of the European Hermin team we work on the co-development of The Natural Laboratory. The project studies the science of bionics in order to transfer natural features and phenomena to textile surfaces - with a focus on renewable raw materials such as cotton, wool, linen and cellulose and palm fibres. The goal is to highlight the natural characteristics of these materials and to combine them with the newest weaving, yarn and equipment technologies. The resulting fabrics are a natural alternative to modern synthetic materials and are manufactured in harmony with the environment.

  • Drip by Drip

    The world’s first NGO committed to tackling the water issues in the fashion and textile industry. As founding members of the NGO we are responsible for the Blue Lab an initiative to develop alternative textile solutions striving for the smallest possible water footprint. Beside Montebelo the existing partners for 2021 are Lenzing AG, Tearfil Textile Yarns and Tintex Textiles

  • Stanley & Stella

    The leading producer of sustainable “ready to print” garments. They are within the top 10 purchasers of organic cotton in the world. Since 2018 we are partners and Montebelo is an “official Dealer” of Stanley Stella products

  • Circular Systems

    A materials science company focused on the development of innovative circular and regenerative technologies, transforming waste into valuable fiber, yarn, and textile fabrics for the fashion industry. Montebelo and CS share office and showroom in Portugal and collaborate in product developments

  • Cotton Diaries

    A global community of people passionate about cotton and commited to making cotton supply chains more sustainable. Founded by our dear collaborator Marzia, we support each other and work together on sourcing, consulting and content creation.


BUND e.V., Canyon Bicycles, Daria Deh, Glein, Surfrider Foundation Europe, Ivy & Oak, Patagonia Europe, We Bandits, Silfir, Circular Fashion, Blue Tomato, Crämer, Kauf dich Glücklich, Red Bull, Lenzing AG, Inditex, Zara SRPLS, Bayrisch Wild, VfB Stuttgart, Arthelps, Designhotels, Sabinna, Sumo, XouXou, Tearfil Textile Yarns